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We Build Website definitions and terms explained

You might not be familiar with some of the terms and acronyms used here on We Build Websites. In the interests of making things simple for you below you will find some of the more commonly used terms and their definitions. The definitions are not in-depth and they are written in plain english.  Should you require a more in-depth explanation it is best to look it up on the web!

SEO - stands for Search Engine Optimisation (or how easily can Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing) find your website.  There are basic 'rules' for building websites which Search Engines look for. The closer the website adheres to the rules, the higher the ranking of your website on the search pages. NOTE: The content of a website (your text and images) is also very important and for good SEO. It is important that you consider the search terms that your visitor might use to look for your product and service and ensure that these terms are used in the text on your site. You might find a few more tips on website copywriting here.

Favicon - this is short for 'favourite icon' and is the little logo that you find at the top of your browser window. They can been the 'bookmark icon' the 'tab icon' or a 'short cut' icon. An example is shown here.


Responsive Website Design - this is a website which is designed to automatically resize, depending on whether you are viewing the website on your smartphone, desktop PC or tablet.  Often you will notice that a website looks very different on your desktop PC than if you view it on your smartphone. You will still have the same content, but images and the navigation menus are arranged differently so that you can still navigate around the website properly.

Google Analytics - this is free code that can be added to every page of your website (please ask us and we can add this for you for no extra cost) which can (amongst other things) track the number of visitors to your website, which pages they looked at and how long they stayed on your site or whether they didn't find what they were looking for and bounced straight off again. Google Analytics is a useful free tool and well worth utilising. Read more about Google Analytics here.

Content Management System or CMS - CMS is a term used for the interface or program which manages the content of your website, the 'back-office' if you like.  It is through the CMS that you will be able to edit text, add and delete images and photographs. If you use our eCommerce system you will administer all the products, prices, promotions and descriptions.

eCommerce - simply put it is an online shop - anything that allows you to sell a product online.