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DomainsA domain name usually ends in or .com* and is your online or website address.  You can have the same domain for your emails and your website or purchase different ones.  There is no limit to the number of domains you can own.

Bear in mind you need people to visit your website and to find you. Ideally, then, your domain name needs to be easy to remember or easy to spell and if you can manage it, your website domain should describe your business e.g. or  There are millions of domain names already registered, so it pays to do a bit of homework and try to be a bit clever by using hyphens, or different domain endings.  Take care though. If your preferred domain name is taken then do your research and check out the other websites that already have that name.  Sometimes they are in direct competition and you need to beware that if you are only separated by a .com rather than you don’t inadvertently supply business to a competitor!

Email addresses, ideally, need to be short and simple.  If your domain name is quite a long one, think about purchasing an additional domain name just for your email e.g can easily be shortened to

If you don’t have a website domain, then talk to us if you want advice.  We buy our domains through Virtual Names  you can purchase this yourself or you can ask us to do this on your behalf (We will charge an additional £20 fee for the administration, but you WILL own the domain)

*although in recent years there are many other endings you can choose (, .biz, .info, .net and .org to name a few)

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