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Video or animated infographics for presentations and social media

video infographicAn infographic is a way of presenting information and data, in a simple graphic manner. A video infographic  (sometimes referred to as an animated infographic) allows you to animate the data to present complex ideas quickly and clearly. We Build Websites has completed a number of Infographics projects.

Infographics are useful on websites where you need to communicate thoughts and ideas quickly. Statistically a larger percentage of your website visitors will watch a video than read carefully crafted words that you've agonsied over. The use of infographics, animated so they run as if it were a video, brings your message to life.

In the same way a video on your website helps you to communicated your message Video Infographics are a great addition to your new business meeting. The perfect start to a business presentation especially when you often repeat the same 15 minute introduction. Imagine how wonderful to use the infographic as a slick audio visual introduction to your meeting?  I can tell you from experience that we have done this and they work extremely well!

We can work with you to decide on the story you wish to tell. Together we will discuss the words you want to use and visually how your infographic might work. Then our experienced team will start working on it. There is generally a set up cost of £450 plus a fee of £100 for every ten seconds, which makes a 30 animated infographic just £750 + VAT.  Then, if you choose, we can add music and voiceover.

For seamless, professional presentations consider using animated infographics. Get in touch to ask for more details.

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